Miscellaneous tracks

Perhaps the last appearance from MC Digi-Duppy:

Deracinated by name, deracinated by nature… in dub.

One of those Odds and DoS sort of tracks, originally recorded in 2008.

Another preview from DoS In Dub, featuring Patch whinnying at the controls.

An analogue dub with digital annotations from the beyond, with special guest MC Digi-Duppy.

The sound of laissez faire capitalism on the high seas set to a digital/analogue dub soundtrack. Yo ho ho and a bottle of duty-free rum (plus a carton of cheap fags and a box of big jims).

St Charles – Canal St – Lee Circle

A hallucinatory ride on the New Orleans streetcar, reprocessed at La Cellule.

A triple ‘Tron salute

Triple ‘Tron fun – Korg Monotron -> Duo -> Delay. Live recording, no overdubs, one fade in edit.

Exate 258

Post-apocalyptic digi-dread.

Platform Five at Angel

A new analogue electronica track for 2012:

Korg-sama’s Legacy in Dub

Recorded on 16 March 2011 and released on 17 March: for Gilly Mundy, in honour of Tsutomu Kato, the founder of Korg.

Recorded using a Korg Electribe EMX, MicroKorg, Monotron, Kaossilator and Mini-KP.

Nuclear Two Redubbed Slowstep

This track dates from the early 2000s, and was remixed in 2008.

It was recorded entirely on an Amiga 1200, then remixed in software from the stereo mixdown some years later.


Some of the above tracks will appear on the forthcoming DoS in Dub album.