Platform Five at Angel

A new DoS track for 2012, recorded using analogue electronics at La Cellule.

More recent tracks.

New track to mark the passing of Tsutomu Kato

Follow the link for more information about and to listen to Korg-sama’s Legacy in Dub, released on 17 March 2011 to mark the passing of the founder of the Korg electronic instrument corporation.

From the DoS dub vaults

Nuclear Two Redubbed Slowstep – dating from the early 2000s, and remixed in 2008. It is expected to appear in a future DoS In Dub album release

Drift of Signifieds play Xylitol

Drift of Signifieds’ remix “Same Day Retread In Dub” can be found on the new double 3″CD from Xylitol, entitled Xylitol Music Played By Other People vols 1+2, with a host of remixes by Woebot, UM, Belbury Poly, The Asterism, Kek-W and the Orchestra Intangible 73, Sculpture, AJ Holmes and the Hackney Empire, Ommm, MissHawaii, . . . → Read More: Drift of Signifieds play Xylitol

Discography update – listen online and download DoS

The second Drift of Signifieds cassette from 1995, DoS, is now available to listen online and to download as mp3s here.


The Drift of Signifieds website is now up and running, with more content to be added as time allows.