INVEIGH, the noise

An all-new Drift of Signifieds piece recorded on Hallowe’en 2015, “Parpaing & Tonic”, can be heard on the latest in Classwar Karaoke‘s series of crowdfunding albums which aim to support the future release of their début physical CD collection.

INVEIGH, the noise by Classwar Karaoke

Download the album here.

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Classwar Karaoke 28

Zali Krishna provided the sounds; Drift of Signifieds remade and mangled them in software as “Drift of Signifieds meets Zali Krishna Uptown” – and Classwar Karaoke hosted the results as part of their 28th survey.

Classwar Karaoke 0025

A not-entirely chance meeting with oMMM in Paris in May 2014 resulted in a remixed re-imagining of a live recording layered with sounds of the metro ligne 11 and the halls of The Louvre. The results can be heard on Classwar Karaoke‘s 26th Survey.

Classwar Karaoke 0025

The rainy-season field recording “Faubourg St Juliette,” a ghostly faux-memoir of Nouvelle Orléans, can be found among the 136 tracks on the landmark 25th Classwar Karaoke Survey.

Classwar Karaoke contributions

There are Drift of Signifieds contributions to the two most recent Classwar Karaoke surveys, Nos. 21 (DoS track “St Charles Canal St Lee Circle“) and 22 (“Beneath the Paving Stones, The Breach“).

The collections are available to download from the Free Music Archive.

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